I just Cant ..  

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Yun Gawarah nae Jeena Bin Tere Muje
Kyun hey Juda k0i tu Waja Bata Dey Muje,

Kuch aur nae tu Ker Itna Karam
Janan Tu Yaad na aYe wo Jaga Bta Dey Muje ..

You were made just unforgetable  

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Jita b Usko sochun Utna he door paun
Jitna b Usko chahon khud he bikharta Jaun,

Mein Aam Sa Musafir be-aas,be-sahara
Wo door kahin basta aasmaan ka tara,

Mein Rait sey Ulajthi Sehraoon ki hawa Hoon
Wo sahilon peY chalta bad-e-saba ka jhonka,

Haan farak tu bhut hey,
per Baat yeh Fakat hai .. ?

Mein lakh toot jaun
Khud sey he rooth Jaun,

Per Yeh na h0ga Mujse ..
k,Mein usk0 bhul jaun..

God had made you for me , i ever thought as if you were an angel sent from Allah just for me , But I never know you will be gone forever,but forever seems very short because you were made just UNFORGETABLE :)

God made me just to be Unhappy ?  

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Hearing words piercing my heart
Expressing abyssal pain
Sharing fearful inner thoughts
Broken spirit still remains

Soft whispers became icy arrows
Puncturing a delicate target
My drawn lips, tightened bow
Projectile voice, tipped with regret

Placed upon a pedestal
Spitting accusations of wrong
Scorning you for my past
By my side, is where you belong

Toxic words more damaging
Than a physical strike
Killing loving life essence
Faster than the third reich

Splintering what we've built
Slicing beauty to the core
Filled with heavy sorrow
Hope to repair what I tore

Crystal heart has been shattered
By your testimate of pain
Love from a magenta gem
Attempting to maintain ..

~ The smiles now have faded, as has the sun; A lifetime without you has now just begun :) ~

I'll Wait For You Till I am live  

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A lengthy silence falls gracefully between the two lovers,
Trying to read the stare U comes to the realization of the anguish we share..

I the blink of an eye You crushes my hopes, dreams and desires,
with the words to follow..

I cant do this to you anymore, we need to stop talking for a while, I'll call you soon,
Depression sets in as You turns and walks away into the enfolding night..

..Watching the love of his life walk away I whispers to her fading silhouette " I will wait for you "

My Soul is Crying..  

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Ticking of the clock seconds elapsed
It tickles my heart reminds me of the past
Unknowingly tears fallen and aching my heart..

Breath away my soul do not cry
See the beauty of surroundings
Enjoy every minute of this universe
Every heartbreak there's always a try
Give your soul another chance to life,

One lost love thousands coming
Never deny the beauty of life
The madness happens it challenge us
Be brave crying soul be warrior of your own life..

All those tears and heartbreak gone when you know,
Crying soul do not hide and run
It's your own heart you can't run..

Meri takmeel ho Jaye ..  

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Bata Rah-e-mohabat Mein chalon mein kis trah Tanha,
Bina tere Mere humdum,chala mujse nahi jata ..

Meri khushiyon k sab khakey Tumhare bin adhure hain,
Mere sapne,meri Ratein,Mere sab din Adhure hain ..

Mera Sapna haqeeqat mein,Jo Yun tabdeel ho Jaye,
Agr tum aa Milo Humse ..

Meri Takmeel ho Jaye :)

Death to Death  

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Yun toot k chahna tera Emaan ho shaId
Tere Seene meIn b koI tufaan ho shaId..

Mat Muje Aazma Itna k dam nikaL jaYe
Mere Waj00d meIn Teri b Jan ho shaId ..

Usey Kehna  

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Bikher rahi heY meri Zaat Usey kehna
Kabi Miley tu Yehi Baat Usey Kehna,

Wo Sath tha tu Zamana Tha humsafar mera
Magr ab koi nahi Mere Sath Usey kehna,

Usey kehna k Bin us k din Nahi Kat'ta
Sisak Sisak k kat'ti haI Raat Usey kehna,

Usey Pukarun k Khud he pohanch jaun uss k pas
Nahi Rahey Wo halaat usey Kehna,

Agr wo Phir b na Lotey tu aYe meharban Qasid
Hamari Zeest k Halaat Usey Kehna,

Her jeet Us k Naam ker Raha Hun Mein,
Main Manta Hun apni Haar ..

Usey kehna :((

Aaj bhi ..  

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Aaj bhi tere Liye dil mein Chahtein baki hain,
Tujse Jo kerni the wo adhori Batein baki hain ..

Tumne Kese Soch liya k Muje teri Talab nahi,
Dil mein Utar k Dekh Lo teri Hajtein Baki hain ..

Kabi Fursat Miley tu Aa ker Dekh mere Makaan mein,
Aaj b Teri Khushbu Teri Ahaatein Baki Hain ..

Dekh mera Zaraf k Mein Toot ker b Bikhra nahi,
Ankh Mein Ansu Hain per Lab pe Muskurahtein baki hain ~

Aj bhi . . .

Will You still Love me If I Die?  

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When I die,
I'll still love you with all my heart,

I'll be looking down on you praying you'll still be happy,

I'll be hoping you still remember the great times we had.

And when I die,
I'll still be thinking about you every minute of every day,

I'll be thinking about whether you still think about me,

I'll be thinking about how much I really meant to you,
But when I die,

Will you still think about me?
Will you remember the days we spent together holding hands and laughing?

Will you still have room for me in your heart?
So when I die,
Will you still love me?

I Always Hide My Tears  

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Tears burning as they fall
My soul is crying for you
Melting a path to my heart
Where love still lives so true

Memories screaming in flame
Holding your picture again
Eternity has stood still
Since you left me in pain

How do I live in darkness
Without you lighting my way
Fading images haunting my life
When I turned and left that day

Hiding beneath tide of misery
Waiting to be swept away
Drowning waves of broken dreams
Never your love would I betray

Will you catch me when I fall
From my cliff of sorrow
Need your love to continue living
Without you time is borrowed..

Will You Hold Me If I Fall ?  

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Throughout the years
I have come to see
you've been the one
whose supported me

You've been my shoulder
when I needed to cry
You've been my motivator
when I forgot to try

You've been the one
to hold me close
You've held my chin up
when I needed it most

Of all the things
that I have seen
I know you're the one
on which I can lean

All these years
you've been my friend
Your hand to me
is what you lent

I've always thought
of me and you
as a friendship that
is more than true

Now I know
what I failed to see
More than just friends
is what's meant to be

I am sorry that
it took so long
but please understand
I'm scared to be wrong

The fear itself
is starting to fade
now that a new
relationship's been made

Everything I want
is everything you are
Tue love and happiness
is not that far..