My ProMiSE...  

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I'm the moon in your sky
Will guard my star by my side
I'm the light to make you shine
You belong to me and will be mine

Your past left you a scar
I'm there to heal but not to mar
I don't know how did i meet you
But this bond is for life-through!

Will transform your nightmares into dreams
Will chase your fears than it seems
Will heal your wound that cuts you down
Will make the world smile at you instead of frown

You will be left with no worries
I'm there to bear all your pain
Forever i'll stretch my hand
To lift you, up with pride you'll stand

AlwAyS AloNe...  

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Lonely soul i will remain
Crying to myself in this domain
Thinking your love will accompany
There i went wrong in melancholy

Trying to burden all my worries
Weeping alone in this galaxy
No matter what the world moved on
This i realised when i'm alone

Inhaling the heavy air in me
I can never get anyone for free
Not knowing i breathed the poison in
When my heart is ruined within

No way to judge anything tomorrow
Forcing to smile or cry in sorrow
This is the lesson that had taught me
Where around me I see only enemies

One Way TraCK...  

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So tired that I couldn't even sleep,
So many secrets I couldn't keep,
Promise myself I wouldn't weep,
One more promise I couldn't keep

It seems no one can help me now,
I'm in too deep there's no way out,
This time I really can't see a way
Have lead myself finally astray

Can you help me remember how to smile,
Make it somehow all seem worthwhile,
How on earth did I get so jaded,
Life's mystery seems so faded

Runaway train never going back,
Wrong way on a one way track,
Seems like I should be getting somewhere,
Somehow I'm neither here nor there


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When you left me crying alone
I feel i am a N0b0dy
When God doesn't want to hear me
He proved I am a N0b0dy

When i strive to be Somebody
In the end I turn out to be N0b0dy
When i breathe out the fire
It is the smell of N0b0dy

When i want to burn my existence
Since my life is of Nobody
When my love is not with me
She considered me a NOb0dy

When i feel lonely in a crowd
That's because I am N0bOdy
When my prayers are not answered
Because it's the prayers of N0b0dy

DarKeNed ShAdows....  

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Threatening shadows
Come behind me
To worsen my fear
Of being lonely

This shadow doesnt protect me
Neither it brightened my smile
But it's only a dark shadow
Horrifying me for a while

The undying faith i have
Swallowed by this night
Alone i cannot fight this
When my ownself is lost in sight

Destitute being my virtue
Flawlessly imperfected my image
My shadow romancing my soul
My lonelines grows along my age

LimiTleSs MisEry....  

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I wonder why i live under the sky
Life is so miserable i only cry
No precious moments that i can feel
Dying is only way that would be real

The hurt in my eyes escaped everyone
My tears that flow look to them like fun
They pay no heed in what i do
Heartless they seem to me in blues

Move on with life they only prefer
Each one feels his agony is more
Value of tears will be known to them
Their own destinies are wordly like gem

Once things gone can never come back
But what i strive can bring to track
The secret behind is my immense faith
The only weapon that can change my fate

SilEncE oF ThiS NigHt...  

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In plain midnight i feel no sleep
My awakening eyes of such vigils i keep
Gentle slumber trying to heal me
I hear the storm shaking the trees

Is it the storm or hurricane in my heart
Non-stop disturbance like sand in desert
Looked out of window the stars smiling
Heaviness in heart lightens like wings

Silence of the night but bright with moon
Whole earth sleeping including me soon
That was a hope which cheers my eyes
Helas! waiting for it the morning rises

O my holy spirit guide me from above
Ready to wake fully beside my love
But make me dead if he is far from home
At least in dreams for him i'll moan

My BroKen HeaRt...  

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Tears of blood fall from my broken heart
This is destined to me from the start
When you utter the word "Forever"
Somehow within me i'm convinced as "Never"

Each word you say with a sincere tone
But why do my heart feel so alone?
As day and night i think of you
My face is wet with tears like dew

I now beleive that 'Love is blind'
I tend to leave your faults behind
Although i cry since long ago
I fail everytime to let you go

The hurt you induced is cutting like knife
My wounds never heal this is my life
I pray to God that you will understand
To keep me proudly in your heart to stand

PaiN pAIn ! Go AwaY!!!!  

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O pain, please spare me pain
Don't make me cry for you in vain
Crystal tears freezing my face
However i pretend, it leaves a trace

Does love teach him not to ever care?
Does love teach him that life isn't fair?
Can my love enjoy breaking my heart?
Is it my fault if we are far apart?

I thought you sent him for a reason
But here I suffer for his treason
Although this love only kills me
I will embrace it becoz it is from thee

O pain pain please go away!
What have i done to make you stay?
Do you love me more than i love him too?
It can't be true for i can't love you!

F0reVer C0nnEctEd...  

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The moments we spent together
The stars in the sky smiled ever
Umpteen things we had shared
Proved every phase we were paired

The person grown-up within me
Is influenced by the love in THEE
The prince that shines more in you
Is proudly powered by ME too!

With the cruel uncertain future
Cannot affect our eternal love
We never know what it holds for us
But we beleive our faith above

Cupid Angel casted his eyes on our level
By testing us in the form of devils
As our feelings rejuvenate by the years
Our true love is strengthened by our tears

WeePinG Is My LifE...  

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Sitting alone on this bench
With wind shuffling my hair
The ducks swimming on the pond
But my gaze staring into the air

Things around me move faster
They dont need me to participate
Then Why these things affect me?
When I cant cope-up to wait

Going out doesn't excite me
Having fun is not my cup of tea
Doing nothing but i still do
That's also my way of doing too

Pretending that i smile
For everyone all is fine
Who can see my inner heart?
That weeping takes whole part!

IntErNet LovE...  

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Love's not easy on the Internet
Words of honesty is hard to melt
Love needs eyes and hands to be felt
Only hurts rest but no joy to get

Lovers cant reach through this opaque screen
Emotions and feelings are freezening
Yet they rely on net to express what is felt
When they can't calm down the anger by caressing

Words written are easily misunderstood
Faith and trust are rarely their roots
Kissing the words is the only choice
Only fortunate lovers can hear the voice

This experience I undergo each day
But patience and faith show me the way
No matter whatever hinders my love
The truth in it reaches you like dove

You NevEr TauGHt Me....  

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My eternal desire is to hold you
But it seems to me so hard to do
Is something wrong with my love?
I tried alot to reason it out

Every single day i made an effort
Yet i found myself lacking the force
Finally i lay on bed in pathetic pain
My love increases but nothing i gain

Am i holding you with me so tight?
Although i want to let it go every night
But when the hold of my feelings loosen
I am scared to find myself alone in the end

These feelings dominate me in unique way
Without them i'm a walking dead everyday
A grown-up who doesn't know to live on my own
Because you never taught me to live alone!

Life is Just an illusion  

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Life Is an Illusion,Making the world a big confusion,Taking unreal fantasies Into a living reality,Exchanging the pain in your heart,Turning it into a shame of humility,Deceiving your eyes,Making up believable lies,Believing in your illusions
Is seeing what you want to see ..

Seeking for the truth, You only want to believe,Its a state of mind Taking over your life.

Even I Cant Hide My Hurt  

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When u r in pain,
when ur heart is broken when ur tounge stop talkin,

When u needs to cry but ur eyes is dry..U r in pain!

When u prefer to die when ur heart needs supply
When use the morning night when ur eyes closed cuz u feel fright

When u feel that all when u have no soul ,U r in pain !

When u write to express when ur hurt progress,when u see the more less
you r in pain !

When ur love gone away when u feel that no way,

You are in pain ..