ThrOuGh YouR eYes...  

Posted by ●๋•£๏√є ιร иσт αℓωαﻻร єαรY•๋●

I view the world through your eyes
I can see your tears that flow & drained
You think i will not understand
In your heart the sadness and pains

My heart beats link with your heart
It bleeds and shrink by your touch
It shines with glory when you smile
It cries and dies by your doubt

My life revolves around your thought
It exists in the form of your dreams
It lives by your breathing
It can hear your silent screams

My ears deafened by your unspoken words
My veins danced each time you feel
My kisses are the remedy of your wounds
My survival protects you like a shield

Don't neglect me but embrace me tight
Give me a place in your dark cold
Held my hand and walk to the light
Give me a chance to make you whole

My EveRyThiNg...  

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When the world turned me down
I could see a light in this dark
With you appearing and a smile is shown
You are the blessing of my heart

Till that second i survive on my past
Wanting my life like before
But here you come as a Godsent
At last i think i could ask nomore

At every single stride i take
Never goes unnoticed without you
Is it because you are here?
In my every sorrow, grief and blue

The warm comfort in your voice
Encourages me to be strong
Your hidden love, care and support
Makes me realise i have a way long

Simple words are hard to explain
That you live in my existence
Through you a new episode of life
Have come to me without an end

NothIng WitHouT LoVe....  

Posted by ●๋•£๏√є ιร иσт αℓωαﻻร єαรY•๋●

It seems to be wrong
But it looks so right
When sorrow lurches in
I just don't want to fight

When i give up to live
Even the almighty din't care
Never grow up to my age
With no pleasure could spare

Knowing all these ill-fate
You cried along with me
You pleaded me to beleive
And i opened my eyes to see

When i think life is hopeless
With no pity from above
There you came my way
Nothing can beat your love

Is It My FauLt?  

Posted by ●๋•£๏√є ιร иσт αℓωαﻻร єαรY•๋●

Do you enjoy hurting me?
Do you feel happy when i cry?
Have you failed to see?
That i'm dying inside?

Why do you pull me into this?
To fill my heart with ache and pain?
You reserved your life for her
But you forgot even my name!

Should i show more of my love?
Should i reveal more of my care?
How can you ask for more?
When you are so unfair!

Why did you appear in front?
Why do you want my tears to flow?
You make me think you want me
Imprison myself and nowhere to go

Baby! please don't torture me
For no wrong i did to you
I only want to love forever
And want you to love me true

WilL You SheD a TeaR?  

Posted by ●๋•£๏√є ιร иσт αℓωαﻻร єαรY•๋●

My tears which i hide
Unreveal my feelings deep inside
The pain that i undergo
Is worse than anyone dies

I'm falling down apart
Without a word to say
I yearn for this escape
To enjoy my everyday

I smile with a frown
To give him a good decision
This is how i have to make
I know it can't be a mistake

Nothing turns out to be smooth
My heart fails to soothe
Are you that famous someone?
With whom i can see fun

Is this where i should be?
Then why don't you want me?
Day by day it becomes a fear
If i go, will you shed a tear?

My PriNce...  

Posted by ●๋•£๏√є ιร иσт αℓωαﻻร єαรY•๋● in

You are my man, my handsome prince
I am the jewel in your crown
You are the sun that shines so bright
I am your moon that revolves around

You are my sky so broad and blue
I am the cloud that sticks to you
You are the river crystal and clear
That reach the ocean formed by my tears

You are the mountain so proud and tall
I'm the valley where your tears fall
I lay my head on your chest strong
You lay your head on my breast breathed long

You're the bird that flies so high
I'm the feathers that envelope you with pride
You're my man, my majestic prince
I'm your princess the Almighty brings!

All AloNe...  

Posted by ●๋•£๏√є ιร иσт αℓωαﻻร єαรY•๋●

The silence in my voice
The noisy storm of my heart
The loneliness within my soul
The pure love that has no start

The path I walk with memories
Lead by my thoughts held so tight
The warmth of my shadows comforts
But my torn heart continues to fight

Leaving me struggling alone
Never mistake that I'm tough
A weak human exists inside me
Makes me appear very hard and rough

I can give up to be on its own
Too late! it has to be shown
A voice asks me "please don't go"
Even if wrong, I should be alone

WilL You EveR KnoW?  

Posted by ●๋•£๏√є ιร иσт αℓωαﻻร єαรY•๋●

When will you ever know?
That you mean alot to me
You captured my heart in no time
Before i could ever see

You brought a new experience
That i can hardly find
Something i thought never exists
But it lives in my body and mind

Will one day you get to comprehend
That i can dream at this age too
You entered silently into my heart
This is the wonder i always do

To find an amazing person
This birth is not enough for me
Once found i want you in my life
To complete my world i create for thee

AloNe In A MesS...  

Posted by ●๋•£๏√є ιร иσт αℓωαﻻร єαรY•๋●

Cruel words heavier than blows
Precious secret only i know
Silent anger makes my hands fisted
Alone in bed turning and twisted

Cunning excuses along with lies
Raise many questions of whens and whys
Am I cursed or am i gifted
Not knowing what i am, blurred as mist

Hardly a sleep, sweating in dream
Thundering my heart to a silent scream
Wakened with fear, hands closed in wrist
To think i'm not in your interest

Empty and hollow, burnt to ashes
Today my dreams have all been crushed
I laid in the pool of blood i shed
Yet im alive, my eyes drifted.

TelL Me The TruTh...  

Posted by ●๋•£๏√є ιร иσт αℓωαﻻร єαรY•๋● in

Look straight into my eyes
Show me you are happy and content
Tell me straight from your heart
That you are satisfied with my presence

Something deep within me
Strikes me a strong feeling
You are not the one i think
Your smile and blush are cheating

I wonder what i din't do
To bring the joy in you
The bond i had created
Is to complete my life through

Do not pretend to me
Or to make the world see
That you live with my presence
But past pain you couldn't flee

AlwAys At YouR SidE...  

Posted by ●๋•£๏√є ιร иσт αℓωαﻻร єαรY•๋●

My love is at your side
This is the promise that stays
I will lend you a shoulder
When you search a place to lay

At every of your heartbreak
Whoever searches you to slay
I'll pull you to my side
And protects you whatever comes may

I see myself in your eyes
My love for you is never fake
This love will make you strong
And heal your every ache

There is more i want to say
But it would take a life time more
Not enough this minute or a day
Second by second, it will increase more!

DarKneSs FilLs My LiFe..  

Posted by ●๋•£๏√є ιร иσт αℓωαﻻร єαรY•๋●

Darkness surrounds me each day
The reason i cannot say
It will be hard to beleive
No clue in whichever way

Darkness blindfolds me
My days are like my nights
I fumble to lay my hand
I yearn for the bright sunlight

Darkness in my heartbeats
In my veins, nerves and skin
For i find it unfair
To be crazy and mad from within

Darkness envelopes me everyday
It will stick to me till i die
When my own shadow betrays me
When my soul bids me goodbye

I PreDicTed WroNg...  

Posted by ●๋•£๏√є ιร иσт αℓωαﻻร єαรY•๋●

Once upon a dear time
He was there for me
I thought he was mine
But clearly i couldn't see

He was far but close to me
He dominates me like a king
I cherish at his actions
For he's the cause of my living

I learned love in every phase
In sorrows, grieves and pains
This love bonded to him
But at the end i have no gain

If love turns out to be a killer
I'd have been turning in my grave
Even then i'll never stop loving
No matter same love he never gave

SilEnt MemOriEs...  

Posted by ●๋•£๏√є ιร иσт αℓωαﻻร єαรY•๋●

Being with you in this Silent Memory
The Silent Memory starts from my breathes
Every sun rays brightens my day
Burning in love for you beneath

Those shining rays of hope i feel
Remind me the loving times in real
Even if the sky is darkened with gloom
I see you waving at me in my room

I shut the world to sleep at night
But your image shines in dream so bright
Silently i cherish that dream
For you live in my bloodstream

When rain disappears and the raibow stays
Thinking of you will make my day
Smiling alone in this Silent Memory
One day i know my love you'll see!

KeeP The FaiTh...  

Posted by ●๋•£๏√є ιร иσт αℓωαﻻร єαรY•๋●

O my darling do not be sad
Of the special times you had
Yesterday's joy in your life
Today it may turn out bad

No matter what happened has happened
The Lord was there through out
To guide you wherever you go
And never leave you without

The plan for you He destined
You still have to travel far
But His ultimate target for you
Has brought successful where you are

The gloomy days of your past
Will hold your future so tight
The care He places each day
The unseen peace for you so bright

My GoDsEnt...  

Posted by ●๋•£๏√є ιร иσт αℓωαﻻร єαรY•๋●

When these eyes of mine sleep
Wonderful thoughts of you linger
They dance within my dreams
And flow smoothly like stream

You, my Godsent and my choice
You raise my spirit by your voice
Even a second if you are away
My mind is low through out the day

I find myself smiling in sorrow
For I know you'll be there tomorrow
Assure me that all will be fine
You belong to no one but only mine

You, my blessing from above
Who makes me write all poems for love
Every word expressed show what I feel
And what I sense are nothing but real!

B'daY GiFt FroM Usm....  

Posted by ●๋•£๏√є ιร иσт αℓωαﻻร єαรY•๋●

I hope you feel deep in your heart
As your birthdays come and go
How truly very much you mean to me
My love for you, lives by the truth

I will be your birthday's placid love
We shall dance, like a gorgeous dove
We shall watch the stars above
We shall fit like a hand and glove

A Birthday wish for my special love
A gorgeous princess you always lenitive
Best friends and lovers all in one
Graceful, like a rose in full bloom

Every word expressed show what I feel
On this birthday, I’ll hold you tight
Written from the depths of my heart
My love for you, shall never pause

Don'T eVeR sAy No!!!  

Posted by ●๋•£๏√є ιร иσт αℓωαﻻร єαรY•๋●

Is this the way u care enough?
I don't seem to have a single clue
When you made me so down and low
Why can't you see, am i so flu?

Our lives are two of a kind
The best i give for the solutions unfind
All these efforts for you i do
Not to break the bond but to bind

The reality seems bitter let us put aside
Wanting the old days back take me that side
Trying to forget the unpleasant moments
Which should vanish away to the unknown end

Is something wrong dont know where we go
Many vague dreams tho' our souls din't show
Want you forever as i met you before
Hold me in your arms don't ever say no!

My WisH...  

Posted by ●๋•£๏√є ιร иσт αℓωαﻻร єαรY•๋●

Sitting alone gazing the stars
The clouds closing my views
My sights blurring gradually
The sky turns into a stretch of hue

Wishing to hear together our song
Each time your memories come by
And one day we sing along
To rejoice our love that shines

Walking with you to unknown place
Without you to walk beside
Remembering a voice without a face
Thanking the silence you hide

Holding you as i walk along the beach
Designing your name on the wet sand
Waves rushing touching my feet
In this pleasure i never leave your hand

Don'T BreAK mY SouL...  

Posted by ●๋•£๏√є ιร иσт αℓωαﻻร єαรY•๋●

Tears flowing unwillingly
But i have no guts to cry
I have to accept this moment
Instead of letting you pass-by

Though i find no reason to hold you
Even though you let me go
Cant you see i'm broken apart?
I'm slowly falling to the floor

The weapon you have is sharper
It tears my soul to tatters
I try to not get torn by it
Coz it is the words you scatter

I hide my little drops of tears
But howl within the four walls
The fact that you aren't here
To wipe the tears that fall

Why Can'T iT Be tHis MomEnt?  

Posted by ●๋•£๏√є ιร иσт αℓωαﻻร єαรY•๋●

Why can't it be this moment?
That we were not parted
As if you never left me
That this bond is abstracted

Why can't it be this moment?
Let this love be special
With our thoughts exceptional
Let us sleep into oblivion

Why can't it be this moment?
That you love me to madness
That you care for me truly
As i care for you

Why can't it be this moment?
That you never parted
That i did not cry my heart
Everything is same as started

Why can't it be this moment?
Make me think you love too
Only till forever dies
Coz i'm trapped in love with you

My UltIMatE DevOtioN...  

Posted by ●๋•£๏√є ιร иσт αℓωαﻻร єαรY•๋● in

You are my ultimate passion
That makes my soul melt
You make me take quick reaction
In my dreams whatever i felt

Around me it is frozen cold
I need your warmth to hold
Do not let me die in this world
Tough to survive in the whole

Trust is what you do more
Than the love you bestow
Not lust that you do show
My devotion exists like before

You live in my sights
All you do seem so right
Everything i hear is your voice
Every hug is so nice

NoWheRe To Go...  

Posted by ●๋•£๏√є ιร иσт αℓωαﻻร єαรY•๋●

Tears rush down burning my cheeks
Opened my mouth but hard to speak
Taking a deep breathe to talk in vain
No tears but howl as i cry again

Approaching the death as i bleed
Slitting the scar as nobody needs
Trembling in fear wanting to hide
Chased by the nightmares escaped i tried

Eager to end this treacherous pain
Free up my soul like pouring rain
Why do my heart still freeze like ice ?
Struggling to make it beat again

I’m your present don’t make me your past
Getting your hint, understood at last
Broken apart tough to put me back
Gave you everything what else i lack ?

Is there a view i fail to see ?
Or refusing to grow be what i be
The air i breathe suffocates me tight
Only you can rescue from this terrible plight

I aM NoT FaR...  

Posted by ●๋•£๏√є ιร иσт αℓωαﻻร єαรY•๋●

'I love u' is what i said
And i mean it from first day
The comfort you gave me then
Will brighten my life every way

Forgetting you i will never do
Wanting you i always show
Needing you is what i crave
Leaving you i never know

Gripping me tight assuring me
By my side you will always be
Every warm word uttered by you
In my life will lead me through

Missing you in every breathe
This you never come to know
It's so strong in my desire
Meeting you is what i vow

Am I Ur GiRl?  

Posted by ●๋•£๏√є ιร иσт αℓωαﻻร єαรY•๋●

Isn't my hair the way you like?
Will you like holding my hand tight?
Isn't my body the way you want?
Won't you match my ideal height?

Din't my personality attract you much?
Din't my eyes pierce your touch?
Am i the way you like in a girl?
Am i pretty enough to make you swirl?

Am i that lucky person?
To whom you will say 'i love you'?
Are you my ideal guy?
Who makes me say 'i love you too'!

Will you keep saying 'i'm beautiful'?
And vow to me that it's true?
Will i stop questioning myself?
And assure i belong to you!

WiLl NeVeR gIvE uP...  

Posted by ●๋•£๏√є ιร иσт αℓωαﻻร єαรY•๋●

I am not crazy nor I am silly
I am in love with you and that's me
Don't laugh at me nor mock at me
For wanting you and loving you madly

Don't walk away and ignoring what i say
It's the sweet fact that you came my way
Not a star but an angel from above
Landed on my heart in the name of love

From the very day i know no life
Waiting for the day to be your wife
I just don't know neither i care
Living without you I never dare

I'll never give up this I guarantee
Will cling to you even if the world disagrees
You are the prince who captured my heart
Please treasure it; and don't break apart!

ThE KiNd Of GirL...  

Posted by ●๋•£๏√є ιร иσт αℓωαﻻร єαรY•๋● in

I am a girl as simple as others see
Who loves as much as she can be
But who has a smile as unique as she
Whose ultimate goal; is to make you happy

Known for her beauty and her qualities
Trust her & love her with your ability
So do not doubt her even a single bit
She belongs to you; please do beleive it.

A girl who finds her joy within your arms
She will protect you from every harm
She will apologize when does any wrong
Will die at your feet no matter how long

She wants to be called "that's my girl"
Will be the one who completes your world
Never gives you a chance to feel lonely
Always assures you and say "there's me"

I bElieVe...  

Posted by ●๋•£๏√є ιร иσт αℓωαﻻร єαรY•๋●

I don't need to pretend
Even when this nightmare ends
That you always care
And my world isn't bare

Im still not yet dead
Only these craps run in my head
But I always melt like wax
When you show your loving acts.

I love to hear you say
That you want me all day
You make my life easy to live
No matter how tough what may

With you i learned to be patient
And beleive we are more than friends
But be with me in every situation
Even if our path finds a bend


Posted by ●๋•£๏√є ιร иσт αℓωαﻻร єαรY•๋● in

When I'm gripped by emotions
My tears roll down for a while
When I'm immersed in emotions
I fake all with a smile

I cannot like a thing
Nor could i get by dealing
When liking becomes a neccessity
I can only hide my feelings

I never win any game of love
I only lose my near and dear
And when it comes to others
I sacrifice the only love i fear

As long as i'm still alive
My happiness is spread everywhere
But when i'm about to die
I see tears in those eyes who care

OnlY TheSe EyeS...  

Posted by ●๋•£๏√є ιร иσт αℓωαﻻร єαรY•๋●

Only these eyes know a love so grand
The love so big it envelopes the land
Only stretch of sky into the open space
Can match this love enchanted by your face

Only these eyes know a truth so true
Neither anybody can break it through
With a pure soul and eyes so bright
You come in my dream I see each night

Only this heart makes me your pride
Feelings for you multiply so wide
Your sweet melodious voice singing like a song
Playing in my mind all the day long

Only this heart is moulded by trust
Hurricane or storm can't make it rust
Soft like your kiss addicting & sweet
The reason that knocks me off my feet

My love that I promise even after death
It will remain in heart and my last breathe
Leaves no question or doubt in mind
Even your eyes can't attempt to find

WhY thIS hAPpeNs tO Me?  

Posted by ●๋•£๏√є ιร иσт αℓωαﻻร єαรY•๋●

Why this happened to me?
When all i do is for you
Do I appear so silly?
For being in love so true

To me you are my Greek God
The eyes that pierce do deeply
Your hair stroke by my fingers
The sight of you weakens me easily!

I die to be wanted by you
As much as you are wanted by me
Very close that no air passes
In the sky we fly freely

Whenever you utter my name
I feel the whole heaven on earth
The joy you bring to my heart
This minute a death for you is worth

I'm BleSsed SilENtly...  

Posted by ●๋•£๏√є ιร иσт αℓωαﻻร єαรY•๋●

Silently my prayers are answered
A bless in disguise you appeared
Showering the rays of hope
Gathering my joys that are shattered

My crushed life laying beneath me
Yet i managed to inhale heavily
My heart shines with my tears
My soul found its mate so heavenly

I don't walk alone in this thorny path
For you are there to accompany me
Shooing the demons that come my way
In you I looked for an identity

Keeping the faith in the Almighty
With my heart beating fastly
No more force left in my body
Relying on you to live readily

LoVe, The UnSaiD FeEliNG...  

Posted by ●๋•£๏√є ιร иσт αℓωαﻻร єαรY•๋●

Noone can explain what Love is
Noone can touch its awesome height
Noone can argue that Love is wrong
Noone can deny that Love is strong

Thousand miles, Seperate in Love
Longest distance can cover above
The pleasure in waiting for only Love
Makes you fly high like the white dove

Insane you will become fully
Not knowing what you do completely
Generous your heart will become
From the building you're ready to jump

But for a few, Love is very cruel
It exhausts you till you have no fuel
You drench your shirt with lonely tears
When love leaves you nothing but fear

So MucH pAIn in This HeaRT..  

Posted by ●๋•£๏√є ιร иσт αℓωαﻻร єαรY•๋●

Pain is overflowing my heart
You are the cause of this art
Every struggle is to make you see
I am in love it has to be

Will I ever be happy?
Will loving you be my remedy?
The glowing fire in my heart
Burning my desire for thee

God has written on my fate
The reasons of all my aches
But you happen to be my best thing
Where i know love but not hate

Love, the game that keeps going
My love for you is twisting & turning
Waiting for it to come to a standstill
The day you express your own feelings

WheNevR I CloSe My EyeS...  

Posted by ●๋•£๏√є ιร иσт αℓωαﻻร єαรY•๋●

Whenever I close my eyes
Your face appears in front of me
I feel your arms around my body
Your warm breathe surrounds cozily

Whenever i close my eyes
Your laughter lingers my ears
Your seductive voice mesmerizing
Quoting me is what I hear

Whenever I close my eyes
I can clearly see
That those deep attractive eyes
Is looking straight into me

Whenever I close my eyes
I wish i can sleep forever
But this can never happen
Since reality strikes me ever!

LoVe Me FoR a ReaSOn...  

Posted by ●๋•£๏√є ιร иσт αℓωαﻻร єαรY•๋●

You think I have everything
That I can buy on this planet
But if I dont have your love
The whole world I will reject

Accept me the way I am
Understand me as much as you can
Love me for the person in me
Treat me like you want me to be

The money I possess can be shared
Many things I give will show I'm there
But when I search for what I need
Noone except you will pay any heed

Love me please from inside out
Don't neglect me and leave me without
Wake up with me and make my day
Brighten my heart by promise you will stay

If I CouLD RewInD mY lIFe...  

Posted by ●๋•£๏√є ιร иσт αℓωαﻻร єαรY•๋●

The streaming caused by my tears
Suffocates my throat though words are near
Holding my breathe to stop its flow
Dying to talk but phrases refuse to go

Coccoon myself in the worse nightmare
Scar in my heart is opening wide
Lying in sweat with shuffled hair
Silence of this night I gasp for air

Trying to set my thoughts free
But they are tight even i can't see
Thinking and thinking in this tragedy
Hoping one day you will save me

I wish I could rewind my life
So that i can avoid living on knife
Although my past was dull and dim
Better than dying a new death within

The WaiT...  

Posted by ●๋•£๏√є ιร иσт αℓωαﻻร єαรY•๋●

Darkness surround me as I weep
Numerous reasons are so deep
Useless to complain those to anyone
My soul chases me as I run

You are there yet you are far
Feeling trapped like behind bars
Stealing my heart brutally away
Sitting and crying is what i do everyday

As days roll and turn into years
Waiting for you with my silent tears
Our seperation only darkens to me
But my love sings in slow melody

Hope for the day you would appear
Like the cloud in the sky becomes clear
The girl you love so bold and brave
But find yourself facing my grave

My Pen SpeAkS mY hEart...  

Posted by ●๋•£๏√є ιร иσт αℓωαﻻร єαรY•๋● in

Eyes, the doorway to your heart
Reflects the pain in you clearly
But what you fail to see is
Your pain has also affected me

To me you are a pillar of strength - But
The torture in your soul never ends
I pray to give me all your pains
Ready to accept my life if worsens

At times to you I want to talk
But the words in me only mocks
The feelings I wish to express
But my thoughts hold me in shock

It's so unjust When this happens
This is not what my heart intends
The scars in my soul lightens and darkens
Caused severly in tears By my silence

LisTenIng To YouR HeaRt....  

Posted by ●๋•£๏√є ιร иσт αℓωαﻻร єαรY•๋● in

Will you protect me from every harms?
And let me sleep in your lovely arms
My eyes will slowly take a naughty peep
To see if you still hold me in sleep

My safest place is in your embrace
Where I can sleep in peace & in solace
My slumber deepens as time increases
By the melodious sound of your heart-beats

Warmest I feel as you hold me tight
Intense my love will become at this sight
Just in hearing the thudding of your heart
The wound inside mine will be alright

It's this silence I try to understand
Where no words exists just your inhales
Don't want to ruin this magic moment
If you let go, my heart-beats will end

ReFleCtiOn oF My SouL...  

Posted by ●๋•£๏√є ιร иσт αℓωαﻻร єαรY•๋● in

If my soul is transparent
It would reflect my heart
You can then know my desires
The desires more beautiful than art

My head filled with your thoughts
Helas! my thoughts you can't see
If ever that is possible
You will know what you are to me

I know one thing is impossible
You too know it's true
That you are my ideal love
None can deny this too

My days filled with hopes
My nights increase them more
That you will love me like i do
God has this for me in store

WiLl ThIs ChaNge?  

Posted by ●๋•£๏√є ιร иσт αℓωαﻻร єαรY•๋●

It has been everytime
When I come to you in tears
You would try to bring the moon
To bring me out of that fear

But what you fail to see
My love that reflects in me
Why it did not bring
To give you a little hint

But now again i came crying
And show you i was dying
What makes you steady & still
You turned hard from within

And it has been everytime
That my tears fall only for you
Those bitter crystal tears
Will continue to fall in blues

EverY sMilE iS noT A sMilE...  

Posted by ●๋•£๏√є ιร иσт αℓωαﻻร єαรY•๋●

I carry an artificial smile
Only my Almighty can know
The weep that lulls me to sleep
Yet that fake smile will not go

The tears that stained my cheeks
Never dry when wiped deeply
For it is not the simple tears
But the tears of my destiny

What worth can I bring to life
It's only failure I encounter
The moment of each passing phase
Not a joy but plenty of tortures

Fate embraces me with an evil grin
Walking like a dead, dark and blind
If this corpse shakes in my grave
However I pretend no one can find

DesTinEd To SuffEr...  

Posted by ●๋•£๏√є ιร иσт αℓωαﻻร єαรY•๋● in

Unlimited sorrows in my heart
Have been written for me
Not even my worst enemy
Should undergo what i see

I thought so many things wrong
Even when I became the cruel victim
That all these pains are temporary
But they don't seem to set me free

The swell in my red eyes
Caused by these wretched tears
Flown enough to make an ocean
Drowning me in this terrible fear

Burried among the unhappy moments
Surviving with the depressing thoughts
Crying with the smile given
Lifetime struggle my life has brought

It'S liKe 1sT Day...  

Posted by ●๋•£๏√є ιร иσт αℓωαﻻร єαรY•๋●

Your face makes me alive in my dreams
Beautify my being like springfalls
My heart cries for you like it seems
Want you to catch me when i fall

It looks like yesterday we met
My disturbing stranger i saw in you
Your companionship is what i get
Your approach towards me was new

Gone is a year today I gather
The year filled with tears and glee
The struggle to keep you forever
Only my God and noone can ever see

Everything you do is what i miss
From the 1st day to ten years and so on
When we are older and turn back to see
My love will be as fresh as rose with no thorns

WisH I cOulD haVe WingS....  

Posted by ●๋•£๏√є ιร иσт αℓωαﻻร єαรY•๋●

I'm the passing cloud coming and going
In the cold night chilling your being
Wandering and searching as a messenger
For a heaven's light at your surrender

The night sky above me clearing
Wishing i have had my wings
To fly to your door step
An immense joy i would wish to bring

Squeezing myself through your window
To plant you a welcome kiss
Don't want this night to dawn
The wonderful night I don't want to miss

As i warm myself in your breathe
Never stopped thanking God who's above
For having sent someone so precious
To end my search for I'm in love

LovE Me For ReaL...  

Posted by ●๋•£๏√є ιร иσт αℓωαﻻร єαรY•๋●

I feel i am falling from above
As a thud to the ground beneath
Attached to the string of love
Even if my heart is broken into pieces

Yet the fall does not pain me
Though love treated me cruelly
Worshipping thee with tits & bits
Yet I could not make it seen clearly

Like before i handle love with care
At last the ideal form in it i stared
Unchaining my heart all that i have
Still it leads me to nowhere

All I plead is one little thing
Do not consider this as a fling
Neither I crave for your pity
Hold me tight for the love i bring

My LaSt KiSs...  

Posted by ●๋•£๏√є ιร иσт αℓωαﻻร єαรY•๋●

Entrapped in this suffocation
I feel an eery lurch on my skin
All I wish is a silent death
When I see no joy but pain within

As though this fate is made for me
Beaten a thousand times brutally
Not a second passed without thinking
Yet to others I am day dreaming

Waiting for the twilight to peep
Wishing I could sneak out flying
Into this long endless sky
But instead I lie on my bed dying

Grasping for Air in the cold night
The air you exhale only can save me
Please come and give my last kiss
Perhaps I will survive again slowly

TogeTher in Th0ughTs....  

Posted by ●๋•£๏√є ιร иσт αℓωαﻻร єαรY•๋● in

Reaching for you into the air
Fumbling to touch your hands
Pull you close into my bosom
Holding you tight where i stand

Chest heaving up and down
By the rhythm of my heart race
Moving your head to this melody
Your hands wrapping my waist

Raising your face, looking at you
Lowering my lips to touch yours
Oblivious of the surrounding
Wish this moment to last for hours

Slowly loosening your hold around me
I see you fading from me almost
Choking my throat when cry your name
Can't be in real but together in thoughts!

YouR imAge in mY tEarS....  

Posted by ●๋•£๏√є ιร иσт αℓωαﻻร єαรY•๋●

When I drop those crystal tears
I wonder if You feel it's warmth
They are nothing but the memories
Of your words with so much charm

Unknowingly you are the cause
Of those tears that burn my cheeks
Is it to prove that your love is fake?
Which makes me cry from days to weeks

Whenever i'm drenched in sorrows deep
No one pays attention to my weeps
Do you think the same I think - that
These unseen tears increase my pain in heap

When you found my heart is broken
For all the love I give thy along
You are at fault to put it at stake
When you realise I will be gone