SweEt Em0tiOns ..  

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This heart is missing you
You live in my memory
The silence in the crowded room
Your only voice calls out to me

The mourn inside my heart
Slowly tracks me down
But its soul will not depart
Its soul will not let me down

The thorns of my emotions
Pricks me deep everyday
The pain it gives everytime
Reminds me for you I have to stay

My tears of sweet little hope
That run down my damped cheeks
They run with a melody
That will not make me weak

Sorrows fill my empty soul
Tuck me to bed every night
Filling my room with silent screams
Holding to me till day light

My heart has only one love
The love I can only give
Pure as the mist in the dawn
Pure as the way we shall live

My PurE IntEnti0n ..  

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Wrong actions you feel from me
Intentions are pure but you dint see
Painful to bear these haunting doubts
Unfair you treat this easily

No where to run to hide oneself
Whether from one or from yourself
The wound so deep leaving the scar
Ego and pride that had been marred

Smashed out my brain if I should stay
Will it be wrong if I block your way?
Happiness forever is what I wish you
Even if I have to walk on fire through

Wanting to be the reason behind your smile
For that I'm ready to change my life-style
The hand that wipes your tears should be mine
I'll strive till end to make your life fine.

Our 18rd OcToBeR.. II  

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So quick the days are gone ..
With you by my side along
When solitude grips my heart
Your thoughts only can make me strong ..

Amount of laughters & tears Shed
Were the walls to withstand any threat
Neighbours’ envy but owner’s pride
With your love as my good guide ..

Struggling together in this fake world
Unassured talks that made me swirl
No matter who comes and goes
Your love for me made me go on ..

Expressing my unconditional love in bulk
Which is as innocent as morning dew
The love that chills your entire veins
The love that lasts only for you ..